Innovative, intuitive, and powerful features.

In other words: the best featureset in the industry.

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Ease of Use

MyBB was designed to be easy to use, for both you and your visitors.

Plugin System

Extensive plugin system making it simple to add new features to your forum.


Developed and refined to put you in full control of your forum.


Powerful and convenient tools for forum moderators and staff to work by your side.

Template and Theme Editor

A syntax highlighting template editor and easy CSS editor for style customization.

Private Messaging

Participate in private conversations with several registered users at a time.

Threads, Posts, and Polls

Infinite possibilities arise from every conversation on your forum.

Calendars and Events

Multiple calendars each with their own recurring or ranged events by users.


Give ratings and leave comments on other registered users and their posts.

User Promotions

Automatically promote users based on post count, reputation, or registration date.

Warning System

Warn and punish users when they act inappropriately.

Mass Mail and Newsletters

Send instant or scheduled messages to registered users matching specified criteria.

Task Scheduling System

Keeps your forum in tip-top shape with tasks running behind the scenes.


MyBB has been carefully developed to be both powerful and extremely efficient.

DBMS Support

MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite database support with replication/slave support built-in.