MyBB Feature Tour

From administration to posting a reply, MyBB is full of useful and to-the-point features for both you and your visitors. Take a look at the tour below to explore some of its best capabilities.

Ease of Use

A lot of thought has gone in the MyBB interface to make it easy to use. MyBB uses a standard discussion board structure, so your visitors will feel familiar with the way MyBB works. Your visitors can use the MyBB user control panel to change the way they view discussions. They can also easily start and reply to discussions and markup their posts. The forum administrators and moderators can use MyBB's inline editing and moderation features to control discussion and keep the forum tidy.

MyBB's interface was built to be easy to use

MyBB's extensively planned nature provides an easy to use and intuitive forum interface that you and your visitors are used to. Both common and unique features are found throughout MyBB, offering a similar experience, but still with a few individual MyBB touches. Features throughout MyBB are easy to find and use without compromising their usefulness. This can be seen in several places in MyBB, from the new reply page where users start discussions to the user control panel where users control their experience, and even the Admin Control Panel.

Extensive moderation made easy

MyBB's moderation features are nothing short of extensive, and are just what you would expect in any forum software. However, their sophistication is offered in an easy to use interface that makes moderation easy. Much of the moderation you perform in MyBB can be done inline, while being able to perform them on multiple threads or posts. For instance, you can mass move selected threads in a forum, or just move one. MyBB also offers custom moderator tools that allow you to create combinations of moderation functions that can all be performed to a thread or post at the click of a button. This offers you, the administrator, the ability to create tools that perform combinations of the many moderation functions available in MyBB.

Moderator Tools

Even more moderation tools are available in the moderator control panel, offering a central location for many common moderation tasks. From this control panel, moderators can edit user profiles, address reported posts, view the moderation queue, manage announcements, and more. Moderators can even view a log of all moderator actions and warnings on the forum.

Plugins make modifying your board easy

MyBB's plugin system allows you to easily add modifications to your existing MyBB installation, without editing a single file. There is a wide variety of plugins available for all sorts of things, from something simple, like adding a news banner, to more complex plugins, such as the private message administration system. Without editing a single file, you can add a broad range of additional features to your forum.

MyBB Plugin Manager