Merge System

MyBB offers a merge system for easy merging of multiple forums from various different popular forum software, allowing an easy conversion process to MyBB. More information on the Merge System and Running the Merge System can be found at the MyBB Documentation.

Download the Merge System

An additional package for merging forums

The latest release of the merge system is 1.8.0. It was released on September 17, 2014 and is a stable product. The package is 351 KB in size and is available as a .zip package.

Presently the MyBB Merge System (1.8.0) allows you to import bulletin boards that are running:

  • bbPress 2.5
  • FluxBB
  • Invision Power Board 3, 4 (Pre Release Version)
  • MyBB 1.8 (merge)
  • phpBB 3
  • SMF 1.1, 2.0
  • PunBB 1.2
  • Vanilla
  • vBulletin 4
  • WoltLab Burning Board 3, 4, Lite 2
  • XenForo

Performing the Merge

The need-to-know for a successful merge

To convert or merge a forum, you must have a version of MyBB 1.8 installed on your server, as well as a copy of the database of the forum to be merged on your server. You must also have the latest version of the merge system uploaded to your server as a subdirectory of your copy of MyBB. You can download the MyBB Merge System above.

Full documentation on performing the merge →

Getting Support for the Merge System

Getting support for the merge system is as easy as getting support for MyBB

MyBB offers support for the Merge System on its forum and on the MyBB Documentation. Before asking for support, please check the MyBB Documentation (Running the Merge System). If your question is not answered, feel free to post your question in the Merge Support forum after searching the forum to see if your question has already been answered.