Download MyBB to get your community rolling.

The latest MyBB release is MyBB 1.8.0. It was released September 1, 2014, and is a feature release. Once you have downloaded MyBB, we have a complete installation guide to help you through the setup process.

Download MyBB 1.8.0 .zip – 2.19 MB

Merge System

MyBB's Merge System allows you to directly convert from several forum softwares and merge into a single MyBB forum. The Merge System allows you to convert only the items you want - such as only users, forums, posts, and threads.

Download the MyBB Merge System →


MyBB comes with an English language pack; however, the MyBB Community has also produced a large number of official MyBB translations for visitors who don't speak English. There are even language packs available for right-to-left languages.

View a list of MyBB translations →

Extend MyBB further

There are two ways to push MyBB beyond the default installation: plugins and themes. Plugins extend the default functionality of MyBB, and take just a few clicks to install. Themes give your discussion board a distinctive feel.

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