Get Involved

MyBB is an open source project that depends on the contributions of volunteers. Below, find out how you can contribute to the best forum software through development, resources, support, and security research.


Test the latest source code and report issues

MyBB is under active, continuous development, both by members of the official Development Team and by members of the community. We use GitHub to offer public access to our development allowing the community to contribute to the project. You can contribute by testing the latest source code, reporting issues, and forking the project to submit bug fixes or add new features.

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Contribute to the official documentation or translations

The MyBB Resources Team maintains the official MyBB documentation and manages third-party language translations. We use GitHub to both manage the documentation and as a central repository for third-party translations. You can contribute by adding to or revising the documentation or by helping with or creating a third-party translation.

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Troubleshoot users' problems with MyBB

The MyBB Support Team is dedicated to helping users solve problems with their MyBB forums. Community members with extensive knowledge of MyBB and troubleshooting problems are encouraged to help out wherever they feel comfortable.

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Security Research

Help improve MyBB's security

The MyBB Team takes security very seriously and we investigate every report we recieve. Those with knowledge of web application security are encouraged to look for vulnerabilities and responsibly disclose them.

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IRC Channel

Collaberate with other MyBB enthusiasts

The IRC channel is a place where you can just chat with other enthusiastic MyBB users and staff, to gain knowledge and exchange tips. You can join us using your IRC client or the webchat we have provided.

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