MyBB has a support team dedicated to helping users fix problems with their forums. If you have extensive experience with MyBB, however, additional help is always welcome and encouraged! Some basic guidelines on providing support are provided below.

MyBB Support Guidelines

Some ground rules for when you're helping MyBB users

When you're helping other MyBB users with their issues, it is important to remember that you only respond if you are comfortable and knowledgable in the topic the user needs help with. If you don't know how to help, it's better to leave the issue for someone who knows an answer than make a guess.

Beyond that, there are some basic guidelines to keep in mind while providing support to users:

  • Be nice. Many users looking for support are new to MyBB. There's never a good reason to be rude or condescending, even if a user doesn't understand the help you're giving.
  • Use proper English. It's important to be clear and concise when providing support. Also, remember that while not all of our users speak English, support provided on the Community Forums is provided in English only.
  • Don't ask for sensitive information, such as administrative credentials. For the safety of other users, only MyBB staff members should be trusted with sensitive information.
  • Give support to help, not for reputation. While getting a positive rating for a post is a nice reward for helping users, you should not expect anything for giving support. Do not get upset if your reputation doesn't get a boost every time you provide support.