About the Team

Take a closer look at the people who make MyBB possible.

The MyBB team is composed of volunteers committed to developing, supporting, and managing the MyBB forum software project. They have a single mission: to make the best forum software possible. While the MyBB team is divided into separate groups below, these groups represent only primary tasks. Each member of the MyBB team is charged with pushing the MyBB project forward in any way they see fit.

Management Team

Tasked with running all facets of the MyBB project

Name Forum Profile Personal Website
Chris Boulton Chris Boulton http://chrisboulton.com
Tim Bell Tim B.

Support Team

Always on hand to help MyBB's users

Name Forum Profile Personal Website
Matt Rogowski Matt. http://mattrogowski.co.uk
Annika Tindris http://britishswede.com
Destroy666 Destroy666
Frances Leese Leefish http://leefish.nl/mybb
Mark Janssen dragonexpert

Development Team

Pushing the limits of modern forum software

Name Forum Profile Personal Website
Stefan T. StefanT http://mybboard.de
Diogo Parrinha Pirata Nervo http://mybb-plugins.com
Euan T Euan T http://mybbstuff.com
Jovan Jojkić Jovan J. http://fluidsea.com
Justin Soltesz Justin S. http://jsoltesz.com
Mark Vincent Wildcard http://rantcentralforums.com
Mike Creuzer Audentio http://audentio.com
Omar Gonzalez Omar G. http://omarg.me
Paul Bender Starpaul20 http://galaxiesrealm.com

Resources Team

Manage the many resources available to our users

Name Forum Profile Personal Website
Fábio Maia Fábio Maia
José F. José F.
Kaeden Kaeden

Quality Assurance Team

MyBB's intrepid group of software testers

Name Forum Profile Personal Website
Jones Jones H http://jonesboard.de
Imad Jomaa Imad Jomaa
Jordan Mussi JordanMussi http://opennotion.net

Community Team

Dedicated to spreading, promoting, and managing MyBB's community

Name Forum Profile Personal Website
Jitendra Maharaj Jitendra M http://jitendra-maharaj.com
Paul Hedman Paul H. http://paulhedman.com