MyBB is under active, continuous development under the guidance of the development team. We use GitHub to offer public access to our development allowing the community to contribute to the project. You can contribute by testing the latest source code, reporting issues, and forking the project.

MyBB on GitHub

Follow development, get the source, test the code, and contribute

MyBB uses GitHub to maintain its development repositories, allowing you to follow development and download the latest source code to test and report issues.

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Development Discussion

Community contributors can participate in the planning MyBB's future

MyBB maintains a set of Development forums on the MyBB Community Forums to allow all MyBB users to report bugs and issues with their forums, make suggestions for features to be included in future releases, and view discussions related to MyBB development. Additionally, active community members can get involved with development discussions by joining a special Contributors group on the MyBB Community Forums.

Development discussions on the MyBB Community Forums →

Reporting Bugs and Issues

Help MyBB find and resolve issues with the software

When you experience a problem with your MyBB forum, it's important you report the issue so the MyBB team can investigate the issue and fix the issue if necessary. Bug reports can be created using your MyBB Community account in the bug reports forum for the appropriate version of MyBB within the Development category on the MyBB Community Forums.

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Development Workflow

MyBB uses a workflow to manage how development occurs on GitHub

To help streamline the coordination of development between MyBB team members and members of the MyBB community, MyBB follows a documented workflow for the development of all of its products, including MyBB 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, and the MyBB Merge System.

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