If you'd like to help out the MyBB project, but don't know how, now you can! MyBB itself may be free for you - the end user - but running the servers, paying the domains, and security audits all cost money. Be a part of the most powerful free forum software by donating today!

Why donate?

Donations help keep MyBB free

Without the generous donations from some of MyBB's users, there would be no MyBB. The total cost of servers, domain names, and security audits can climb to thousands of dollars per year. Even the smallest donation can help keep MyBB alive and healthy. Support MyBB today by donating!

Where does my donation go?

Server costs, domain names, security audits

Keeping the MyBB project running is not a small task. While we're committed to providing the most powerful and free forum software, it takes a lot to make it all happen. Your donation will go towards all of MyBB's various expenses, such as server costs, domain names, security audits, and other miscellaneous expenses involved in the upkeep of MyBB. No donations are ever pocketed for personal use, whatsoever. If there are ever any leftover donations, they are saved for future expenses, such as the next month's server costs.

Support the MyBB Project

Donate via PayPal

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Donate via other means

Using the above "Donate" button allows you to make your donation via PayPal. If you would like to donate using another method, please contact us via the Private Inquiries forum.